Anns & Annets

Ann’s Corner

The wives of Rotarians are addressed as Anns. Texcity is proud of its vibrant Anns Club that raises funds and does projects to serve the community in its own right. The leadership mantle changes every year giving the Anns a chance to exhibit and hone their leadership and organizational skills.

#Project NameDescription
1 Breast Feeding Camp

On the occasion of World Breast feeding week, club. Rtn Dr. Karpagam Murali led the camp where about 50 participants both new mothers & mothers to be were present. Mrs. Rajeshwari Senthil & Mrs. Kanimozhi from Coimbatore parental network busted the myths on breast feeding & spoke on basics of breast feeding. Our gratitude to kidney center for arranging a wonderful camp.

2 Anns Movie Fund Raiser and free screening for Nizhal Mayyam

The children of Sennanur primary school suffered without roof over their toilet. Ann’s club did a movie fundraiser – Ner Konda Parvai was screened. 260 Rotarians, Anns & Invited guests supported the project. Ann’s club recognized the work of Nizhal Mayyam, wanted them to relax & enjoy the evening so gave away 20 tickets to them.

3 Eye Spectacles camp

70 children & staff of Brindavan Vidhyalaya were taken to Dr Manoj Vakil’s clinic & screened where about 40 are deducted with issues, they are in need of glasses Dr Manoj has advised them to bring down their screen time & eat nutritious food. Many thanks to Ann Padmini who took great care of the kids & served yummy snacks.

4 Incinerator for Girls School

Ann’s club on 26.08.2019 gave away an incinerator to Saibaba Vidhyalaya Middle school. The importance of Health & hygiene was emphasized to 200 girl children studying there. Children were confident to use the incinerator as they were trained well by a professional.

5 Roof for Toilets

Ann’s club had the major project roof inauguration on 28.08.2019 @ Sennanur primary school, Sennanur. Children exhibited their happiness as they were saved from monsoon rains.

6 Win a Smile – Water Purifier for School

Anns of Texcity Won Smiles by providing safe drinking water another initiative of our DG under Responsible India, to the children of Brindavan School, Kaundampalayam. They provided a Water doctor that has a capacity of producing 50 liters of clean water per hour.

7 Win a Smile – Road Safety Reflectors

Anns provided Rs.3000/- for the installation of Road Safety Ref lectors to Brindavan School. This was a spontaneous gesture by our Anns when they heard the road corner that turned towards the school was prone to frequent accidents. The principal promised to install the ref lectors before our visit to the school next week. The students were al l in smiles.

8 Dhanya Dhan at Families for Children

Texcity Anns provided Annadhanam to 1490 homeless, old age, physically and mentally challenged adults and kids. Lunch was provided for 26 orphanages and old age homes in and around Coimbatore. Secretary, Rtn Ramesh, Rtn Prasanna, Anns Chairman Ann Muthu, Ann Anu, Ann Menaka and Annette Anirudh visited these homes and interacted with these inmates.

9 Medical Aid for Sneha Positive

Ann’s club of Coimbatore Texcity on the day of President Kamal Kumar’s Installation did their most loved & ongoing project of helping AIDS patients of SNEHA POSITIVE FACES. Sisters from Nirmala College who are taking care of AIDS patients were present to take the cheque which was used to buy one month medicines for 100 AIDS patients.

Annet’s Corner

The children of Rotarians are known as Annets. Texcity’s Annets start the leadership process very early. Not only do they participate actively in Texcity’s activities but run an Annets club of their own to connect with each other and make a difference to the community.

#Project NameDescription
1 Win a Smile – Medical Aid

Annette of Texcity Won Smiles by visiting Aroh, an organization committed to cancer care for underprivileged children. They entertained the children there with some games, dance and music. They cut a cake for the children celebrating their birthday this week and distributed 5Star chocolates. They also sponsored Rs 60,000 as Medical Aid for the cancer treatment of these children.

2 Annette’s Projects

On 25th August, Annetts went to Jeevan Jyothi Project cost: Rs. 40,000/-(Rs. 3000/- for basic medicines for every month for 12 months and Rs. 4000/apparatus, etc.) Beneficiaries: Poor, rural sick and palliative care patients in 8 villages Annette’s participated: Aditya, Arjun, Danush, Aaron. The Annetts did this project in association with NGO Santhom Social Service Society (Reg No. 19/2012). We handed over the cheque. After which, we did a field visit to one of the palliative care patients in her house. It was a moving experience to see her smiling inspite of being in so much pain.

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